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Cooperation with Saker Sportscars

We wanted to avoid the weak point of prototypes and to build in strict quality controls. That is why we teamed up with the proven engineering expertise and experience of Saker Sportscars to build on the strong points of both organizations. In close cooperation with this very professional Dutch racing car producer, the successor of the first street legal Saker GT was created: the Saker RapX-S.

From 2012, ISIScars has been selected by Saker Sportscars as preferred dealer for their Saker RapX and Sniper (open Saker racing car) in a street legal version.

ISIScars enjoys great advantages in the close cooperation with Saker Sportscars in their state- of-the-art production facilities in Etten-Leur (Holland) where the racing cars are built. Saker Sportscars supplies the base for the street car and carefully controls that ISIScars applies the same quality controls as they do and that the performance is close to the racing car’s.