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Saker RapX-S is designed for people who want to drive fast, but who also have enough experience and feeling to manage a very fast and powerful car. The driver should have a certain feeling for driving close to the limit as there are no electronic supporters to help out him or her. Even power steering and power braking are absent. The driver is on his/her own. Only those who have enough self-confidence to waive even the slightest support should sit behind the Momo wheel.

The car was originally built for track use and Saker RapX’s predecessors have gained many victories in races in Europe and Australia-New Zealand. The street legal version, therefore, really finds itself at home at the circuit and merely minimal adaptations have been made to prevent the police from interfering when on the road.

The fact that the car has been designed for the circuit and has been modified only minimally for street use carries back to safety being an important starting point. A strong design, years of track experience and severe tests by ourselves and by the authorities have turned this racing car into a very racy car with impressive passive safety.

The Saker RapX-S will be presented at the Top Marques Monaco, April 2013.