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Saker RapX-S is a specialized, no-nonsense racing car for street legal use.

  • It is based on the successful Saker sportscar which in the meantime is very famous through the European Saker Challenge matches.
  • Every possibility has been used to secure the racing characteristics, therefore the chassis has not been changed.
  • Suspension is the same as in the racing car, but the buyer can choose for some more comfortable set-up.
  • Slicks are not permitted for normal roads and providing profiled tyres is the only concession to road holding. However, fast Toyo’s do a perfect job and help the driver in wet conditions, even with this amount of horsepower.
  • The car’s interior differs from the racing car’s to muffle noise and to provide more information in connection with street use and to offer driver and (one) passenger rudimentary comfort. Still very racy, but not totally blind for looks and a certain degree of comfort. Numerous variations in seats, dashboard and a few other parts are possible.