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2007, Anton van Nunen commissioned Saker Sportscars to build a street legal car, based on the well-known Saker racing car. During the building process, Max Alting Siberg and Anton van Nunen, the driving forces behind ISIScars, increasingly added their ideas to the process, leading to the design of a road racer, ISIS AM01, based on the Saker racing car.

The characteristics of this uniquely shaped road-going racing car turned out to be so good that the project was reshaped into a real prototype.

The prototype ISIS AM01 was presented at the bi-yearly Dutch automobile exhibition (AutoRAI Amsterdam), March 2011. Some 350,000 visitors were able to look at the car, which was situated next to the most famous brands. Comments from experts convinced us not to let it be a one-off affair. AutoRAI was, therefore, the starting point of a further development.