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New developments

The intensive research built up and the long years of experience necessary for the development of the ISIS AM01 model have led to ideas for a new project: ISIS AM02. Basic idea is a car with, dependent on customer’s wishes, a broad engine range (up to 8 cylinders), in order to increase power to some 650 BHP. The ISIS AM02 model is a stand-alone project, totally independent from the Saker RapX-S production line.

More power requires another chassis and ISIScars gratefully makes use of a thoroughly-tested English chassis, which has proven to be able to handle power of up to 1,000 BHP without the least difficulty. ISIScars has developed some modifications to the chassis and designed a really amazing body. This body is produced by hand in aluminium and reflects state-of-the-art technology combined with the voluptuous lines of classic GT’s.

The bridge between AM01 and AM02 is two common characteristics: their racy properties and the total absence of electronic support. Again, the driver is on his/her own in these cars.

The prototype AM02 will be ready shortly after Top Marques Monaco, April 2013.