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ISIScars is a sports cars specialist with more than 25 years of UK and Dutch experience in the automotive field, varying from restorations of classic Lotus and Mercedes models to preparation of racing cars such as Ferrari F40LM, Lotus Elise GT1V8 and the like.

The experience of ISIScars, however, goes much further:

  • designing and assembling of chassis and bodies in steel, aluminium and advanced composites
  • developing and managing small-scale production
  • preparing special cars for legal street use, including all tests and required paper work.

During the period 2009-2011, Max Alting Siberg and Anton van Nunen, the driving forces behind ISIScars, have transformed the ideas generated in those special projects in designing a road racer, ISIS AM01, based on the Saker racing car.

The characteristics of this uniquely shaped street legal racing car turned out to be so favourable that the project was turned into a real prototype.